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    ors Ka○mala Harris of Cal■ifornia and 〓Cory Booke●r of New Jersey sai◆d

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    the party has som●etimes come u◆p short in● its outreach to○ black Amer


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    icans."Fo●r too long, I〓 think, candidate●s have taken ●for granted c〓onstituencies that h■ave been a b●ackbone of the De■mocratic Party," 〓Harris said. "You sh〓ow up in a b◆lack church a◆nd

  • ●American

    want to ge■t the vote 〓but just h●aven't been ●there before."Booke◆r declared, 〓"Black voters a〓re pissed ●off, and t■hey're worried."◆In the mode○rators' ch○airs were f〓our women, includi

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    ng○ Rachel Maddow, MSN●BC's liberal ●darling, and● Ashley Parker, a Wh◆ite House report〓er for The W◆ashington Post. It ○was only the third〓 time a prim○ary d

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    ebate ■has been h●osted by an ◆all-female pane●l.Buttigieg &●mdash; who was● a natural t○arget given his rece●nt rise in ■the polls

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to join● Biden, War●ren and Sande●rs among



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